Emerging Therapies

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis can be part of a multidisciplinary approach. It is not considered as a single therapy and requires patient participation in physical therapies, psychology, psychiatry and pain intervention procedures.

Scrambler therapy

Scrambler Therapy is a non-invasive technique that has been shown to provide relief for some patients with chronic pain conditions by ‘scrambling’ pain signals. It is a non-invasive technique that involves transcutaneous electrical stimulation of pain fibres with the intent of re-organising maladaptive signalling pathways. Scrambler Therapy can provide relief from chronic intractable pain that does not respond to standard therapies, including neuropathic pain, chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain, hyperalgesic pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and many other chronic pain conditions (Ricci et al, 2019; Marineo, 2019; Loprinzi et al, 2019).

Scrambler therapy

Dr Georgius has specialised training in Scrambler Therapy. He will provide clinical oversight and supervision for your therapy, which will be delivered by a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner who has received training in Scrambler Therapy from Dr Georgius.

Scrambler Therapy does not involve a hospital stay or anaesthetic. At the start of each treatment session, a person’s site of pain is identified and the surface electrodes are placed on the skin, on either side of the painful area(s). Once the electrodes have been placed in the correct position, the stimulation intensity is then adjusted according to each person’s comfort level providing a sensation of tingling, which is not unpleasant and has been described as a “pleasant humming” or similar to champagne bubbles on your skin.

After a treatment session is completed, some people feel soothed and may report that
the pain has reduced or disappeared. In the subsequent treatments your pain may re-
emerge with less intensity and the duration of pain relief may increase. Once the initial course of treatment has been completed, pain relief can last between 3-12 months before top-up or booster sessions are required.

The first block of Scrambler treatment spans 2 weeks and consists of a total of 10
consecutive treatment sessions with a weekend break between weeks 1 and 2. Each individual Scrambler Therapy session lasts 40 minutes plus the time necessary
to position and regulate the electrode stimulation.

Booster/Maintenance treatments are available if the pain returns. Typically pain relief lasts for 3-12 months. The frequency of booster treatments varies from patient to patient.

At this time, as it is an emerging new therapy, Scrambler Therapy is not covered by Medicare, Private Health Insurance or Workcover. We have had some success with DVA funding.

If you’re in pain then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and begin your journey to recovery