Deborah Gray

Deborah Gray

Nurse Practitioner Candidate
Clinical Research Coordinator Sunshine Coast Clinical Research
Master of Nurse Practitioner
Bachelor of Nursing
Graduate Certificate of Critical Care
Diploma of Applied Science

Deborah has been a part of the team at the Painrehab Georgius Practice since 2019. Her primary roles include patient consultations, and providing support and education to patients. She has extensive experience delivering scrambler therapy and currently divides her time between scrambler therapy, as

well as patient consultations and education. Additionally, she is a Clinical Research Coordinator for Sunshine Coast Clinical Research (SCCR) and supports Dr Peter Georgius in his role as its Principal
Investigator. She is responsible for facilitating and coordinating clinical trial activities and has Good Clinical Practice Credentialing, which equips her to fulfil her duty to protect patients and ensure the integrity of clinical trials.

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How it started

With post graduate qualifications in Critical Care, she has extensive experience in chronic disease management. Deborah successfully completed her Masters of Nurse Practitioner in 2023, offering increased support for patients through any phase of their pain journey, and by bridging the gap between specialist and primary healthcare. She has professional affiliations with the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners, the Neuromodulation Society of Australia and New Zealand Australian Pain Society Pain Nurses Australia.

Fun Facts: Deborah’s contribution to health care may never have eventuated if her application to work for ASIO had been accepted.

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