Dr Georgius performs the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:
  • Multidisciplinary Pain Management Program
  • Diagnostic Blocks
  • Radiofrequency Neurotomies
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  • Dorsal Column Stimulation
  • Dorsal Root Stimulation
  • Reprogramming of implanted stimulator
  • Refilling of implanted intrathecal pump
  • Scrambler Therapy
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Neuroplasticity and Therapy

    Patients who suffer from pain can undergo changes to the nervous system, which can become part of the pain problem. This neuroplastic phenomenon can be exploited in some pain conditions to improve pain. The current therapy exploiting neuroplasticity with the best evidence is Graded Motor Imagery.
    Dr Georgius has extensive experience and specific training in Graded Motor Imagery. An informative article on the subject can be found here. He works closely with an expert team to maximize outcomes.

    An excellent book discussing pain is Explain Pain available for purchase on the NOI website.